Frequently asked questions

How do creator skills help my child?
What is the creator mindset?
What is coursesindoha?
What age is the course for?
Is coursesindoha only for girls?
How do I enroll my child with coursesindoha?
How are the classes held?
Who are your tutors?
What is the PC requirement for technical courses?
Why do we require your child to bring their own laptop?
How does the trial class go?
How often are the classes held? What is the format of the classes?
Will this program conflict with my child's school schedule or add extra stress?
What if my child skipped the class or the class was cancelled?
What is your refund policy?
What’s your course transfer policy?
Can we change the tutor/course/schedule?
Can the student freeze the course if there’s anything emergency?
What other costs can be expected from the course?
Will my kid get a certificate after finishing the course?
How can I trust coursesindoha?
What skills does my child gain?