Inspire creators of tomorrow

Imagine a world where every young girl is empowered to unleash their inner creator.

A world where their dreams and ideas are given the tools and opportunities to flourish. That's the world we believe in, and that's the world we're building together. Join us and let's inspire the next generation of creators to build a brighter future for us all.

Our story

Coursesindoha was founded in 2020 by a team of creators who are passionate about supporting and inspiring the young creators of tomorrow.

We focus on providing resources and support for girls to become creators and build their own real games, websites, mobile apps, and more. We are dedicated to using our time, energy, and resources to achieve our goal of empowering and inspiring young creators.

Through our in-person and online learning experiences, we are constantly improving and evolving to provide the best possible education and support for young girls.

Our program areas

Game Design
Web & App Design
Fashion Design
Web 3.0
Our Accomplishment
Classes Taken